Terrell: Antifa is the ‘Democratic base,’ so they won’t put their electorate ‘in jail’ | Tipspdia

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Los Angeles civil rights attorney Leo Terrell claimed violent left-wing groups like Antifa are the Democratic Party’s voting base, surmising that is why they are “soft” on prosecutions for related crime.

Terrell told Fox News on Friday that Democrats have “surrendered” American cities like Philadelphia, Chicago and L.A. to such groups, surmising the situation will only get worse as Democrats remain in municipal and federal office.


Leo Terrell

“We already know as we sit here today, on Friday, there is going to be crime, murders and arson in Chicago and Los Angeles. And this whole idea that Joe Biden wants to fund the police. That’s a gimmick,” Terrell said.

He and “Hannity” host Tammy Bruce condemned the brazen daylight shooting of a man at a gas station in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, near the Cheltenham Township line. 

Two gunmen opened fire at a busy Northwest Philadelphia gas station Monday, leaving a man dead, police said.  

Two gunmen opened fire at a busy Northwest Philadelphia gas station Monday, leaving a man dead, police said.  
(Philadelphia Police Department)

The last time that city elected a Republican mayor was for the tenure of Bernard Samuel, who left office in 1952.

“The Democrats have abandoned law and order,” Terrell said. “That’s why we need people like Gail in Congress, because the Democrats do not care about the crime.”

During the interview, Terrell had been joined by former broadcast journalist Gail Huff, a Republican candidate for U.S. House in New Hampshire who is also married to ex-Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass.


The Bidens.

The Bidens.
(Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

“Antifa, the Black Lives Matter, the criminals, the career criminals – that’s the Democratic base,” Terrell claimed. 

“And they don’t put their base in jail.”

Bruce echoed some of Terrell’s comments, remarking that “what we are seeing across this entire country is a complete devolution of the Democratic Party, a complete disdain for the country, and a complete unwillingness to admit their failures as great American cities continue to spiral out of control.”


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