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Horsforth Accident: Man Arrested After Pedestrian Dies: Recently, an air ambulance crashed on a busy Leeds road where the oncoming cars on both lanes have been stopped. The road was closed for some time and people are facing so many troubles. West Yorkshire Police closed the scene in Broadway, Horsforth, on May 12 from about 2:50 pm. Many emergency services have been called and claimed that it will reopen at about 6:30 pm. Follow More Update On

Horsforth Accident

Horsforth Accident

Many cops vehicles, paramedics, and choppers have reached the accident scene where they are clearing out the accident area. Because it was the busiest road and many goods were transported on the road. That road plays a crucial role because it will connect the two countries and all packages and goods were placed through that road. If the road was blocked, then many sellers faced a lot of problems. As of now, cops were investigating this case and trying to clear the road as quickly as possible.

When the accident happens on the busy Leed road, everybody was shocked. Some people were injured while some lost their life. The number of injured persons was not known yet. If any number would came out then we definitely inform you by just updating this article. This crash incident was circulating all over the internet and many were posting videos and pictures on social media.

Man Arrested After Pedestrian Dies

Everybody was sharing a short clip of the crash scene where people are giving their suggestions according to their own. Dozens of comments have been shared when the news came out on the internet. The force said on Twitter that Cops are currently in attendance at a serious road traffic collision in Broadway, Horsforth. Road closures are in place in both directions and people are advised to avoid the area at this time.

How many people died during this incident?

During this incident, only a man has lost his life. Others get minor injuries. A spokesman wrote on Twitter that, Something around 1:51 pm yesterday, a silver Skoda Fabia was traveling on the A6120 Ring Road Broadway towards Horsforth, when it was in collision with a male. Skoda driver was 24 years old and got minor injuries and he was arrested. Police were interrogating him and they didn’t leave him until the court announced their decision regarding this crash scene. Follow this site to get stay updated.


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