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Anusheel Chowdry

The current generation is evolving at the speed of light. What was trending yesterday may become obsolete within a few days. Thanks to the innovation and social media trends that have effectively minimized the traditional marketing tools to reach the masses. In today’s time, social media is not just a platform to communicate with people but is also a platform to consume content that is entertaining and informative for the audience. Anusheel Chowdry has established his name as one of the notable social media marketers.

He began his career at the mere age of 14. During a time of pursuing studies, he was a bright student, and he has been the youngest name in his family to make a career as an entrepreneur. Despite achieving all his desires, his journey has been topsy turvy with many ups and downs. However, he has believed in never mixing personal and professional life. After completing high school, he spent significant time on the smartphone which was considered an addiction by his peers.

The 21-year-old is working with the many brands and content creators from different niches over the webspace. The Chennai-based marketer is currently working in Dubai’s well-known company named VSG Media. He is heading the marketing department, his work ethos is inspiring many people of his age. Since childhood, he was curious to know the what and why behind everything.

“I was never content with the things I learnt. I wanted to know more about things in a deeper context. When students of my age were learning, I had made up my mind to learn and earn simultaneously”, he revealed. His expertise lies in content marketing, social media strategy, content integration, online media campaigns, and celebrity endorsements.

In the last two years, he has worked on multiple freelance projects giving an array of brands and celebrities exposure to digital media. Apart from this, the entrepreneur runs a meme page called ‘The Ultimate Trolls’ which creates a myriad of relatable and funny content for the audience. The meme page has a fanbase of almost 800K followers. As per his experience, the relatability factor while creating content is of utmost importance to engage with the audience.


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