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Cheadle Hulme Death: 2 Women Arrested Over Cheadle Nursery Baby Death: We think that children are the face of God. Then do you believe that two women could be tried to kill an infant face of God? We don’t know how would, we could see God, so we should never heart anyone, not choicely and not by chance. It is quite unbelieving that two women have been arrested for the death of an eight months old girl child murder suspect. Police arrested both the women. As per the official update both the women killed the eight months girl after the “medical incident” at a daycare center. When the police got suspected the two women, then they arrested both of them. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Cheadle Hulme

Cheadle Hulme Death Case

When the parents of the eight months girl find their daughter unconscious, they took her to the hospital but the doctor declared her demise. after that they called the police for doing the investigate. Police were called to an incident at Tiny Toes Nursery in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, this Monday afternoon. Both the women are currently in police custody. It is not clear now that the women killed the child girl, but as suspects police arrested them. The eight months girl was taken to the hospital where she was announced dead by the doctor.

2 Women Arrested Over Cheadle Nursery Baby Death

It is very mourning news for the eight months girl child’s parents. They did not expect that on that day they would not see their daughter alive. The Greater Manchester police arrested the two women. In which one is 35 years old and another is 34 years old. They both were being held on suspicion by the Manchester police. Manchester Police is still investigating the case. So it could be clear after when police will get something about the eight months daughter’s death. She was the life of her parents. Her parents are demanding justice for their daughter. They are shocked why would those women kill the baby girl. The force described the death of the baby girl as heartbreaking.

Cheadle Hulme Death Case Explained

When asked about the eight months baby girl’s death tp Det Supt Phil Duffy, “he said Our hearts go out to the little girl’s family, who are understandably shocked and saddened. He also added that, “ we are doing everything we can to give them the answers they deserver”. Manchester officers are trying to find the full facts and establish the circumstances. The motive for killing the girl could not be clear now. Police are trying to find each and every aspect related to the case.


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